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"The Faery Tree" oil on canvas 2013

Over the past few months I have been working on my final year thesis project. Art school requires slightly different criteria then most thesis output and in this case the goal is to produce a cohesive body of art work along with the research to back it up. 
Over the past summer, I spent much of it travelling around various parts of Ireland, and this trip is what is inspiring my current projects.

I seek to interpret humanity’s mark on nature through a historical and mythological lens. Throughout my experiences in travelling through Ireland I have reconsidered my own relationship to nature. Ireland is a country that is full of myths and memories. The evidence of this is present in its landscapes from the crumbling ruins and ancient stone circles, to the ribbons tied around the branches of a “faery tree.” These narratives become an integral part of land and in becoming aware of these stories become a part of our perception of the land.