Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Centrepiece - Samara Contemporary

Apologue I (The Anteater) - Emily Jan

Resilience Plate - Kent Monkman

David Salazar

From the elaborate to the absurd, centrepieces can direct and command attention or initiate and guide conversation. A centrepiece can exist as a concept, such as a central political or social issue in a debate. It can aesthetically unite a space, or set the tone for a soirĂ©e. 

SAMARA Contemporary's inaugural exhibition joins a whole array of centrepieces, drawing the surreal and fantastical into a competing environments where each individual seeks the spotlight. The diversity of the works means that most function as their own 'centrepiece' though some more so than others. Described as curated islands, many of the works are transportive, fantastically bizarre dreamworlds where animals merge with plants, or fairytale like creatures come to life. David Salazars wall of floral-bird like forms could be crash landing or emerging from hibernation. Emily Jan's anteater bursts into bloom as they eye the onlooker as though this is a regular occurrence. Kent Monkman's "Resilience Plates" re-imagines a famous portrait of the Canadian fathers of confederation where a nude Miss Chief Eagle Testikle gestures in front of John A. in 150 years of indigenous resistance.